The confidence image

The confidence image is accessible as part of the data streamed from the O3R device. This image contains information about the validity of each pixel. If a pixel is invalid, the confidence image explains why is has been marked as invalid. The values are as follows:

  • 1: CONF_INVALID - indicates that the pixel is invalid;

  • 2: CONF_SATURATED - the pixel is overexposed/saturated;

  • 4: CONF_BADAMBSYM - the pixel had bad symmetry, probably because of motion (see symmetry threshold);

  • 8: CONF_LOWAMP - amplitude lower than the minimum amplitude, or distance noise threshold exceeded;

  • (16|32): CONF_EXPINDEX - indicates whether the short, medium or long exposure is used for this pixel: expIndex = (v & CONF_EXPINDEX) >> 4 indicates the index of the exposure time used by this pixel where low indices indicate shorter exposures;

  • 64: CONF_INVALID_RANGE - the pixel is outside of the measurement range;

  • 128: CONF_SUSPECT_PIXEL - this is a bad pixel on the chip;

  • 256: RESERVED

  • 512: CONF_EDGEPIXEL - edge pixels refer to the image edges which are sometimes invalidated by lateral filters;

  • 1024: CONF_UNPLAUSIBLE - pixels remaining after shifting the offset, between the camera and the beginning of the shifted range;

  • 2048: CONF_REFLECTIVITY - the reflectivity is below the threshold;

  • 4096: CONF_DYNAMIC_AMPLITUDE - the pixel is probably part of the halo around a very bright object (see the dynamic amplitude threshold (documentation coming soon) and the stray-light filter);

  • 16384: CONF_MIXEDPIXEL - the pixel is a mixed pixel, part of which is measuring the object and the other part the background;

  • 32768: CONF_ISOLATED - an isolated pixel with random amplitude in an area where no amplitude is measured.