The ifm3d_ros_msgs package

This package provides the messages and services interfaces for the ifm3d_ros_driver package. It can be installed independently of the driver package ifm3d_ros_driver and examples package ìfm3d_ros_examples.

Standalone Installation of the messages packages

If you plan on installing only one subpackage please see the instructions below.

catkin_make --only-pkg-with-deps <target_package>

Please replace the tag <target_package> with the name of the package you want to compile:

  • ifm3d_ros_driver

  • ifm3d_ros_msgs

  • ifm3d_ros_examples

Some of our subpackages have dependencies to other packages and therefore will trigger a compiling of more subpackages, namely the packages ifm3d_ros_examples and ifm3d_ros_driver. These subpackges can not be used standalone.

Don’t forget to switch back to building all packages afterwards:



Please see the file called LICENSE.