Introduction to the ifmVisionAssistant

The ifmVisionAssistant is a software tool provided by ifm for ifm vision products. It is used as a first configuration and debugging tool. Besides showing the received data, it is also possible to change parameters and showcase the capability of the O3R system (also containing applications, for example ODS - Obstacle Detection System), and record data.

Installing the ifmVisionAssistant

The ifmVisionAssistant does not need a local installation. It is provided with all needed shared libraries etc. to be run locally and without additional permission (admin) rights.

Be advised, that the PC and the O3R system need to communicate via TCP/IP. To change certain IP settings, specific permissions are mandatory and might only be granted by the respective IT department.

Downloading and unpacking the software

The ifmVisionAssistant is available at - Article OVP800. For example, download from the german OVP800 landing page: download.

The ifmVisionAssistant needs to be unpacked/unzipped. Within this unzipped package there is the executable ifmVisionAssistant.exe, which starts the ifmVisionAssistant.